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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Visiting Her Doctor

A girl is visiting a doctor and tells him that she is afraid of big cocks, he and his assistant are sure going to solve this problem and make her love fat cocks…

“Ms. McPhee doctor is waiting for you.”

I came into the room, he looked at me through his glasses and told me to sit down.

“Ms. McPhee what can I do for you?”

The phone rang.

“Yes, Ashley. Is Ms. McPhee my last patient for today? Why not then. Ok, have a nice day.”

He looked at me again:

“I’m sorry. My assistant is having a date with her boyfriend, and I just can’t keep her man waiting anymore.”

“So we’re alone? Doctor I just hope you can help me.”

“OK, just tell me what the matter is.”

“Well, it’s very personal… I had my first sex with my boyfriend two days ago, and his penis turned out to be too big for me, you know hat I mean?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“So I was a bit nervous and he couldn’t enter. The more and harder he tried the more painful it got for me.”

“Do you masturbate? I mean do you use any kinds of toys while masturbating?”

I giggled. He was drumming his fingers against the table surface waiting for the answer. He was younger than I thought. He was handsome (very handsome, indeed!).

“My sister gave me a small dildo as a present. I play with it sometimes but I’ve never used it. I have it now. In my bag…”

“Can I see it?”


God! I didn’t expect him to ask that! He looked at me through his spectacles and drummed his fingers again. My hands were shaking when I was looking for the dildo in my bag. I found my gloves, tampons, and a lot of other things before I finally found the thing. By that time my whole body was trembling, and I felt my pussy get wet. It was so embarrassing! Wet panties! Gosh! I gave him my dildo hoping the batteries were uncharged.

Doc looked at the toy, turned it on. The dildo started vibrating. The toy almost fell out of his hands. It made me giggle again. Doc stared at me through his glasses. He was trying to turn me on, and he was damn good at it! I wished he knew how good he was at it!

I dropped my bag on the floor. I did it intentionally hoping to see a bulge in his pants. But everything turned out not really the way I wanted. When the bag fell, some tampons and two condoms fell out of it too. Doc helped me pick everything up. He glanced at me inquiringly holding condoms in his hands.

“I have them to jerk off my boyfriend. He hates having sperm spots on his pants.” I said quickly.

“Nice, Ms. McPhee. Many guys, including me, face the same problem.”

“You know I don’t like blowjob at all.” I blurted out not really knowing why I said it.

We both had a problem: he had a bulge in his pants, and I had my panties wet. His dick was even bigger than my boyfriend’s. I had a big clit too. Sometimes I could physically feel it get hard and rip through my panties. Or …. Maybe it was just my crazy imagination? It was all because of Todd, my boyfriend. I didn’t wanna visit the doctor but I said I just had to do it for Todd.

“OK, tell me about your friend. Is he insistent?”

“No, not at all. He knows I lack experience. He’s always very careful at the beginning. But every time he tries to enter it hurts. It’s like there’s something inside me that doesn’t let him in. So I ask him to stop and he does.”

“Are you tense in such moments? Sometimes a woman can close her vagina just by squeezing her muscles. Ok, go on what happens after he takes his penis out?”

“Doctor why are you asking me these things?”

“Ms. McPhee let me remind you you’ve come here for me to help you with your problem.”

“You’re right. I know, sorry.”

“See you use tampons. Do you feel uncomfortable applying them?”

“Sometimes. It’s usually when I try to get a tampon inside. I have to bend down, spread my legs wide to sides or even squat down.”

“I see. I think I know the reason for your concern, the reason for your problems, and failures.”

“How come? Has anybody ever tried to enter your butt with a 10 inch dick?” I asked him.

He turned away. He was probably trying not to start laughing. I was less tense.

“My assistant is out now so unfortunately I won’t be able to examine you, Ms. McPhee.” He said turning to me.

“Doctor, please, examine me today.”

“Ok, take this and go dress off over there. Call me when you’re ready.”

I took the throw over and went to dress off. I stood up from the chair, and he definitely saw a wet spot on the chair. It was so exciting! My boyfriend had never made me feel such sensations, such excitement, and such arousal. The good thing was that the doc didn’t see my wet panties. I dressed off and punched my nipples and clit to keep myself hot. I thought I’d come the sec after he touched my pussy.

“I’m ready, doctor.”

“OK, sit down here.”

I could almost feel him burn with desire when he looked at me. My pussy was freshly shaven, my heart was beating really fast. Thought he was wearing his smock he couldn’t hide his arousal and excitement. He was crazy about me, I was crazy about him. When sitting on the chair I let him examine my pussy as my private parts were totally exposed.

“You’re very beautiful, Ms. McPhee. Unfortunately I can’t go on with the examination.”

“Doc, if I wanted to go away I would have done it long ago. I want you since the time I saw your erection. My friend Mary visited you last Wednesday, and she told me what a great fucker you are, and how huge your dick is. You’re a perfect match for an unsatisfied woman. You should have no doubts, I’ll have you bang me hard. I’m ready doc.” I whispered lustfully.

He smiled and took me in his arms. My mouth was open to suck on his long prick. My frisky fingers unzipped his pants. He bent over to untie the throw over. He was kissing me. I moaned when I felt his chest rub against my hard nipple. He was so close, it made my pussy throb.

His dick was very long, very thick, and very luring. It was throbbing right above my gushing slit. I took it in my hands and directed in my insides. Doctor put my legs on his shoulders and entered my twat at the full length of his shaft.

“God! I’ve never wanted anybody so much, Ms. McPhee!”

“And I could never think I could hear that from you, doc.”

“It’s been awhile since you had a good fuck last. It’s time to fix it. No foreplay, Ms, I’m already screwing you!”

He was very careful ramming me with his huge stem, my juices covered his member and dripped on the floor.

“Fuck me doc! I don’t want you to stop. Pinch my nipples, get your finger in my ass. Do whatever you want. Do it hard. I’m sure you’ve fucked a lot of sluts, so think I’m the cheapest and dirtiest of them. Fuck me harder! Treat me like a whore!”

His hands slipped down my back, pushing me onto his stem, his fingers spread my buttocks, and one of them entered my anus. I was impaling myself on his finger, kissing him deeply and vehemently.

“You want the same thing your friend had?” He asked me.

“Her butt hurt badly after your drill. I had to spread cream over it. Mary told me what you did to her. Her words made me so hot she had to lick me to cum.”

“That’s enough, Ms. McPhee. If you want it, beg me to do it.”

“You want me to beg you to fuck my ass? Wow, it could make a nice headline: “Doctor fucks his patient in the ass to treat her for vaginism!”

He laughed and took his hard shaft out of my pussy. He lubricated my anus with my own juices. It didn’t hurt when he entered my asshole.

“Your story about your boyfriend was a lie, right?”

“From the very first word to the last, doc. Mary gave me a grand I couldn’t get in your pants.”

While we were talking, his dick never stopped ramming my ass, his fingers were fondling my clit. It was definitely the best anal sex I’d ever had in my life. Most dicks I’d had in my butt were 7 – 8’’ long. I was moaning lewdly when he took his pecker out of my ass and then entered it again.

“I bet you’re not busy tonight doc.”

“You’re right. I’m waiting for Ashley to return after getting rammed by her fire fighter boyfriend. He won’t take her long, I’m sure, and she will definitely want to get some more.”

“Does she like girls? Sometimes she looks at me in a very strange way…”

“She usually fucks every hole my sperm is dripping out of.”

“Mmm, I’m ready to cum hearing that. Fill my ass doc! You can’t let Ashley die of thirst. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Suddenly we heard a door open.

“It’s me doc! I need to pee. Just a moment.”

I was short of breath thinking about Ashley’s pussy, and her peeing… Mary and I loved “golden rain”.

Ashley got back to the room wearing nothing but an undone blouse and a lacy bra. She held her panties and her skirt in her hands. She put them on the chair and got naked. She was staring at my naked body all the time.

“See you have a new butt to ram, doc.” She said.

Her pussy was shaven, her vulva lips were opened and wet. I only hoped she still had her fire fighter’s juices inside her pussy. I love sucking pussies! Ashley had big but firm tits. Her nipples were erect, showing she was aroused. I hoped it was me to make her so hot.

I felt doc ejaculate deep in my rectum. There were several mighty thrusts. When he got his dick out of my butt it felt so empty there. He went out of the room. Guess he went to the loo.

“Relax and let me examine you.” Ashley said slowly.

Her hands were holding me tight, and I felt her tongue lick my holes.

“Let’s try 69 Ashley. I wanna try your pussy. Is your boyfriend’s sperm still inside you?”
“Yeah, McPhee it’s still there. Try both holes.”

She bent over me, saying that. Her boobs were teasing me. I moaned lustfully, rising up to reach for her luscious leaking holes. When doc got back from the loo he stood behind my back, playing with his flaccid cock. He gave me his dick to jack off and make it hard again. Soon I saw Ashley suck him off deep throat. I stuffed Ashley’s anus with my tongue trying to get it as deep inside he butt as possible. Doc came up to my face and penetrated her pussy, giving his phallus to me to suck then.

“Guess we’ve dealt with your problem, Ms. McPhee. Close the door when leaving. Ashley and I have some things to finish with.”

“Thank you doc, and you Ashley. I do appreciate your help.”

When getting dressed I enjoyed doc fuck Ashley’s ass. His hands were squeezing her big tits. I just couldn’t wait to get back to my boyfriend. Of course, I couldn’t tell him the reason for my visit to the doctor. He wouldn’t care about it when I told him about his major mission, which was to fill my pussy and my butt with his cum. I thought I’d have a lot of blowjob action to keep his dick hard!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

American Dream

A girl comes to visit her friend in the US, there she falls in love with a guy but has to leave in two week, what can she do to win her love?

fucking storiesDasha made herself comfy in the seat of the airplane and looked outside the window. She always loved to watch the clouds go by underneath the plane but this time she felt some unexplainable exciting feeling. Perhaps, because she was going on her own for the first time! She was going to America to visit her best friend that she hasn’t seen for two years! She couldn’t believe her parents let her go on her own. They probably decided that if she goes there at least she would improve her English. Dasha smiled to her dreams and fell asleep…

She woke up when the plane was already landing. It was such a new feeling that went through her body and soul. She was really going to see Natasha now! She looked outside the window and forgot about everything on Earth. She gave all of herself to the amazing view…

Dasha went through the security check and her eyes were looking for Natasha. She saw a girl that looked like Natasha but she couldn’t believe her eyes… God, she changed! It was a real model! Only the same gestures and that unique sparkle in her eyes were telling her it was Natasha. And moreover, Natasha was standing with two hot guys. All three of them were like from the cover of the fashion magazine. While Dasha was starring at them Natasha saw her and came running to meet her dear friend.

- “Dasha! My babe! I’m so happy to see you again!” Girls hugged and kissed.

- “Oh, Dasha, meet my friends. This is John and Steven. Guys, this is my closest friend ever! They were waiting to meet you! Everyone was!”

Natasha smiled and Dasha felt Steven checking her out. She got it from the slight smile on his face.

- “Natalie, we’ll take her bags and wait for you, ladies, in the car.” Said John.

When boys left Natasha started asking Dasha all kinds of questions about their old friends. Dasha told her all of the latest gossip in Moscow. They were so happy to see each other!

- “And how are you doing?” asked Dasha.

- “Oh, I’m totally happy! Except in three weeks my summer vacation will be over! Other than that it’s all going super! By the way…that guy John, I’m dating him! He’s cool, huh?!

- “Sure! And what about the other one? Steven? Does he have a girlfriend?”

Natasha started laughing.

- “Nope. Not yet! There is no woman in this city that would be able to stand that Casanova. He is too hot and in love with himself!”

- “We’ll see, my friend!” said Dasha and had that provocative smile…

They were driving in the night Washington DC. It was so amazing for Dasha to see that amazing city. They drove up to the fancy apartment building.

- “Here we are! This is where I live. Parents are away on mom’s business trip, and the place is all ours for the whole weekend!”

- “Girls what do you think about going to the rock-show? It’s gonna be cool!” offered Steve.

- “I’m tired…” said bitchy Natasha.

- “I want to go!” smiled Dasha…”Come on, Natasha, let’s go! I’m so excited!”

- “No, I said I’m tired!” said the stubborn Nat. “Go with the guys, they’ll take care of you.

- “Okay, Natasha. I’ll stay as well…” said Dasha. “We have a lot to talk about, and some other time…I mean I’ll be here for two weeks!”

- “Okay, girls, we better get going! Good night!” said John.

- “Let’s just go to bed. You must be tired from the flight. Let’s get a good sleep and tomorrow we’ll start a rich full of things to see day, okay?”

- “Okay, Natasha! Let’s do so!” said Dasha and yawned.

The life they were living was amazing to Dasha. All the excursions, night clubs, concerts, shopping…Dasha’s head was spinning from the rapture. Two weeks passed so fast, she didn’t even notice…There was only one day left… the girl couldn’t believe it. The last day she wanted to go out again and see that exciting city downtown but Natasha had a headache and wanted to stay in. But Steve insisted and convinced her to go out with him:

- “Dasha, you are going to miss out a lot if you don’t go! It’s the coolest club in the city and it opened just yesterday! And the most important thing the guests are…”Red Hot Chilly Peppers”!

Dasha froze. She wanted to spend her last day in the US with her best friend, but on the other hand…that was her all time favorite band!

- “Ok, Steven! I’m going. But we’re not staying out late. We have to be back by 11 the most! Not a single minute later! You promise? I have to spend some more time with Natasha.”

- “No problem, Dasha! We’ll be back by 11. I promise!”

Dasha ran upstairs to get dressed. In half an hour she was sitting downstairs waiting for Steve to pick her up. He didn’t make her wait too long.

- “Dasha, you look stunning! I think you’re not telling me the truth that you are the most famous model in Russia! Wow!”

Dasha just smiled. She liked that guy, so that kind of compliment from him was a good sign. He opened the door for her like a real gent and ran to the driver’s seat. They were driving fast on the illuminating streets of that amazing city…

When they went inside the club Dasha looked like she saw a miracle or something. That was magnificent! She has never seen anything like that. High ceiling and huge space made the music sound overwhelming. The band was already on the stage and they were playing so loud and clear. The RHCP rocked the show! Dasha and Steve got the best view!

Dasha didn’t notice the time going by and when she looked at her watch she saw it was 10.30 pm. She said we better get going. And they left without saying bye to his friends. Steve offered her to take a ride in the night city for the last time before she leaves. She was totally in! Her heart was beating fast when they were driving by the places she has already been to.
She realized she fell in love with this city. Steven drove up the hill from which they had the best view of the whole city.

- “Dasha, isn’t this beautiful?” Asked Steve

- “It is…I like it here a lot…I’m gonna miss this place…It is gorgeous!” Whispered Dasha.

- “You are gorgeous, Dasha! You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life!” said Steve and put his arms around Dasha.

He softly kissed her. She kind of resisted just by not kissing him back.

- “Steve, are we gonna make it on time? Natasha is waiting…” whispered Dasha.

- “No, babe, even if we do she won’t be mad…”

His words made her relax and trust him. She gave all of herself to this guy’s caresses. Their lips poured together in sweet kisses. Steve met no resistance when he started loosing up her buttons. His fingers felt so gentle and professional. He pulled down her skirt and when his hands got to her underwear he looked her in the eyes. She nodded her head and he went on.

- “Dasha, are you sure you want it?” he asked her.

- “Yes…”

She said so, although she wasn’t sure. She knew it was going to hurt because it was her first time…But she decided she had to try and find out.

- “Come on, Steve, I’m a big girl! I’m totally fine, go on…”

Steve was covering her body with such soft kisses it made her melt. Finally, Steve started going inside her. Dasha froze. Finally it happened, the thing she has been waiting for all her life. She felt this sudden pain but it was overwhelming and was changed to absolute joy.

Dasha closed her blue eyes and wanted to remember all those overcoming feelings. She reached an orgasm and a few minutes later Steve cum as well. They were lying in the car and each had things to think about.

- “Dasha…” he whispered.

- “What?”

- “Are you leaving tomorrow?…”

- “No… I’m staying here with you.”

- “That means you liked it!” Steve had that kinky look on his face.

- “Of course I liked it, didn’t you enjoy yourself?”

- “Oh, you are amazing, my baby-girl! If you stay here, we’ll do it everyday…”

- “I’ll stay. But now we have to get going. Tomorrow I will call my parents and tell them I am staying here.”

- “They don’t mind?”

- “Do we care? I don’t!” she whispered and they had a long lasting kiss.

After some time they got to Natasha’s. The lights were off. She was probably asleep.

- “Steve, I’m gonna go…hopefully she’s still awake so that I sneak in.”

She jumped out from the car feeling euphoria. Dasha ran up the stairs to her room and collapsed on the bed. She fell asleep right away…

The next morning she called her parents and told them she wants to stay in the US. They were glad for the decision she made and offered her to go to the same college with Natasha. She ran to Steve to tell him the good news. They were so happy and were celebrating it by making love all day long… Dasha realized that it was it…that was her happiness, the one she has been looking for all of her life…

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It is Sweeter to Take it Slow

It’s wonderful when you have a great wife and you love her, you can have sex whenever you want with her and when you have a break from each other, the sex seems even sweeter…

I went to the Body Shop and bought the special massage oil with intriguing name Eros. It promised to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zone.

I was in some excited anticipation. I was never separated from my wife for so long since we got married.

I got used to having sex whenever I want to for the last four years. She was always there for me my beloved wife. Sometimes I would even try to hold myself a night so that the next day I would last her more and she would be more turned on.

This time she was gone for ten days… I was thinking I cum from a single touch, I was thinking of her snow-white chunky thighs, and a sweet slightly hairy shameless pussy…so pink and calling…I wanted to get home faster and take off my clothes off to jerk myself. But I didn’t want to get rid off with such a pleasing turn on. I desired that woman!

The next day I cleaned up the house and cooked dinner. After all I took a shower; trimmed my pubic hair and left a thin line. I felt solemn as if it was Christmas.

She has finally arrived! I hugged her and started kissing her neck smelling her dear exciting scent. I put my hands around her shoulders and her waist. I desired to take off her jeans, bend her down and enter her from behind right in the hall way. But I held myself knowing that it would be so much more pleasing and rewarding if I don’t go on too fast.

But her co-worker stayed for dinner and that pissed me off a bit. The next couple of hours we spent doing the usual stuff. We had dinner, she had to unpack her bags, and we talked a lot about the things to do and all that.

All of the time me and my wife were giving each other those desiring looks. Both of us understood each other’s passion without saying a single word. We were waiting for that moment to come when it would be only two of us…

She took a shower while I dropped her co-worker at the station.

When I got back she was there so fresh and so clean in a towel. She came up to me, I sat down.

She stood in between my legs and I put my arms around her waist. I put my face on her belly like saying hello. Slowly I put her down on the couch and for a moment set by her feet. I admired her feet and my eyes slowly went up to her thighs and hips. My hands were so happy touching that beauty. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

I pulled down the towel to open up her full warm round breasts. I started feeling them trying not to touch the nipple. All of me was starring on them. The wave of anticipation and languor went through my body making me stretch all my muscles.

I came closer and started kissing her. Oh, I’ve been waiting for it! I sucked on her lower, than upper lip and played my tongue on it. I put my tong inside her lips and met with hers. Sweet lips. I started kissing her neck from chin to ear and played my tongue inside her ear. I held my breath and with short kisses I went down to her collar bone…I bit her shoulder a bit…I saw my wife’s legs spreading apart as a natural reaction and her breath increased.

I took her breast and my lips grabbed her nipple. I sucked on it and kept on moving my tongue around it. She put her arms around me right away and moaned…she pressed herself against me. I know what she likes and what makes her lose her head. I did the same thing to the other tit.

One of my wife’s legs was already up on the backrest of the couch and in her tiny chap of the pussy shined juice.

When I see that my hard dick strains every nerve till it hurts but I don’t want to finish right away. So I keep on kissing her belly, massaging her hips from the inside and I kiss that hill. My tongue goes down to the cleavage between her pubis and hip… and I get down to her sweet delight that gets completely juicy.

I opened up her pussy lips and opened up the pink shell where I saw her smocks getting a bit tense and sticking out. I lost my control from such a view and my tongue started licking that pearl. She started moving her hips from side to side and I heard her sweetest moan. I put my finger on her clitoris and suck on that juice moving around and round my tongue.

My tongue was going all the way on her pussy down to her pink anal. She was moaning and her eyes were rolling.

I took my dick to the entrance and played it in that juice for a while rubbing her clitoris. Finally I slowly pushed in and felt that hot cave.

I lied on top of my wife…she put her legs around my back and my hands grabbed her round ass. I start moving slowly and passionately…I took it almost all the way out a few times, but than pushed it as far as I could.

My wife was shivering, squeezing me tightly in her arms and whispering: “You are so…good to me…”She slightly bit my neck. I felt my head spinning around and started growling. I got faster…

My finger went to my wife’s cute butt-hole and felt it was wet from her squirts. I pushed my finger in half way. It easily went in because she was overexcited and my finger moved as I shoved her in and out.

She screamed as my finger went deeper inside…she got an orgasm. I took my finger out and grabbed her buttocks. I squeezed them tightly and pushed it towards myself. There was nothing that could stop me. I was so fierce!

Down at my stomach I felt tense and with my raucous sigh my hot sperm shot inside her vagina. Her cave embraced my cock and I felt I would lose myself in pleasure.

I couldn’t open my eyes for a while and we were lying for a while to reimburse our energy…

She fell asleep. While that I put champagne in the ice to cool it down. I took out two warm blankets and put them on the floor. I covered them with a wide white bed-sheet and put all the pillows we had in the bedroom. My “love-nest” looked so cozy and warm…

She woke up and got in to the bath tub. I watched my beloved washing herself with foam. Oh, she was amazing!

I took out the candles while she was rinsing herself off. While she was drying her hair I took a quick shower.

We were sitting in our nest and sipping champagne. The backround “CafĂ© Del Mar” was completing the atmosphere. We kissed and cuddled enjoying each other. I put down my glass and put my sweetie on the belly. I took out the oil and started giving her a massage.

I didn’t miss a single inch of her skin. I pushed my fingers and rub her skin. When I finished with her back and her amazing ass I went down to her feet.

When I massaged her tiny foot she got so turned on! I kissed every single toe and my tongue was going in between them. She opened her mouth and seemed to go crazy from my caresses. I turned her on her back and poor more oil on her shoulders, her breasts and her belly.

My hands slipped down her body and both of us felt the same wave of pleasure. I open her legs wide open and my hands went all over her thighs. My pretty wife relaxed completely. Her eyes were closed and perhaps it was the effect of the oil I put on her because she started breathing heavily and curving like a cat. She was moving her pelvis up and from side to side.

She wanted me right away! I didn’t make her wait long but decided to tease her a bit. I went down to her delicate pussy and put my tongue on her clit.

I turned around on top of her so that her head was between my legs and continued playing my tongue in her pussy.
Her lips grabbed my cock with such greed! I felt her mouth so hot and burning. The moment of bliss had come, the hot and wet bliss!

When I felt I was about to cum I took it out from her beautiful mouth that didn’t want to let me go. I took a few moments to catch my breath and put my finger on her pussy. I was slowly teasing her by pushing it in just a bit.

And this was for the first time when she overcome herself and touched her pussy! She was touching herself in front of me! I could only dream about it! I’ve been longing to see a girl touching herself. Trust me, that is beautiful.

Once before I put her finger there, but she moved it to the left and to the right and instead would put my hand in there. But today she didn’t try to give the initiative to me; she enjoyed herself more and more. Her finger was flying inside the open bosom, in circles, zigzags again and again gaining the speed.

I adored her, I was starring at her. I opened her big pussy lips while caressed her belly. I played her nipples, pushed them a bit, and squeezed them around. She liked it all! I put two of my fingers inside and started moving inside her vagina.

That was amazing! She moaned and curved. I added oil into the blaze! I took out one finger from her vagina and started moving it in circles on her anal. I pushed it a bit and it went in. I waited a moment and took it half way out. Than put it back in. Her anal started relaxing and soon I was fucking her with two of my fingers.

She couldn’t keep herself from screaming anymore. She curved and had an orgasm…I stopped moving and my fingers felt her muscles moving to the rhythm of her moans. She wouldn’t come down… She had her peak for a few seconds before her ass went down on the floor.

I let her catch a breath and turned her upside down. I asked her to pull up her butt so that I could put pillows underneath. I stood there and stared at the sight for a moment. My wife’s body was relaxed, her legs moved apart, and her butt was sticking out so that her cave was calling for my boy. I took my cock to her wet pussy and made one move all the way in.

She sighed as a sign for appreciation. I made love to her and moved deeply and pushing. I changed the rhythm to 3 times with my dick-head and the 4th time hardly all the way in. Than I tried 4 short ones and 2 long ones. My wife felt that I was playing with her and that made her turn on even more.

When I felt I was close to reach an absolute orgasm I couldn’t keep up certain rhythms, my body was moving itself inside her pussy. I held her tightly at the waist and my phallus was going in and out her sweet-ass pussy.

I closed my eyes from the rising pressure and for the last time I pushed inside her and grabbed her ass. I cum inside her with a deaf growl. Her eyes were closed tightly and she moaned, she had that happy smile on her face as she kept her eyes closed.

I didn’t want to come out of her, so I lied down on her back, squeezed her in my arms and gave her tons of kisses of appreciation. We fell asleep like that in like a minute. I woke up when my weakened dick slipped out from her.

My sperm was going down on her thighs and hips. I wiped it off with a tissue I prepared beforehand. I wiped off her pussy and picked my sleeping beauty up. I brought her to bed and lied down next to her. I clasped my belly to her ass, put my hand on her breast and fell asleep…

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